Learn How To Make My Pet Garden For Your House

Once you are an adult, work becomes part of life. In fact in my case, I was only 15 years old when I landed my first job. I never took any break from the work. I switched several jobs, completed my high school, enrolled into college and graduated with a degree. The only thing that remained constant while growing up was me showing up at work every morning. Initially, I started working because I wanted to have enough money to get through the college. Once I had enough savings, everyone around me told me that I should quit now and focus on my college. However, it was too late to quit by then because I had taste the pleasure of working and there was no looking back for me.

I always thought that I will be able to continue to work my entire life. However, when I conceived my first child, I realized that I might have to take a break from work after the child birth. In my mind, I made this plan where I will take break for few months and then hire a help for my kid and then get back to work. However, I soon realized that the reality was quiet different from my imagination. After my daughter was born, I got to know that motherhood was a full time job, well at least for first few years. I happily quit my job to spend more time with her and to focus on her upbringing. However, since I had always been working on something since the age of 15, my mind craved for some material work.

To get best advice on how to find some work for myself that won’t interrupt my time with my child, I turned towards internet for help. Upon doing my fair share of research, I stumbled upon home décor DIY projects. The DIY projects for home décor opened new window for me. I picked several projects and started working on them. One of my favorite home décor DIY projects was making my pet garden. Yes, I made a DIY at home garden for my house. I gathered several DIY vegetable garden ideas and then following them I made my pet garden. Starting a DIY garden box for vegetables project at home might sound to be intimidating. However, it is one of the easiest projects to do. It is also one of the best DIY garden ideas on a budget project that you will ever find.

15A giant pot for my pet garden:

The first thing you need to make this DIY garden seeder project is a big empty flowerpot. You can easily find one at the nearest mart or nursery.

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